Established in 1980 within the structure of VERDA GROUP OF COMPANIES, has been a brand transpiring at the sector by means of its customer potential, created within the scope of service exceeding 35 years.

VERDA having a considerably modern and extensive collection at international standards with its strong substructure, experience as well as experienced specialist cadres brings various style alternative models together with colors and patterns reflecting the season at closest range, and high quality of fabrics specifically prepared or it, and presents them to the preference of its customers.

VERDA is engaged in production activities ranging between 42 and 58 sizes with its blouses, dresses, skirts and accessory products. Fast production capacity, existing design ability and innovative collection development competence of VERDA brings the brand forward among its competitors.

VERDA continues to provide you with services with various numbers of outlets throughout Turkey and Russia, European and Balkan Countries as well as Middle East and Africa by its sales network expanding from day to day.